Viola.AI ICO – Revolutionizing Online Dating with Artificial Inteligence

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Have you ever used an online dating site? It can be a bit scary and overwhelming but that’s where Viola.AI comes in. Viola.AI was founded by the Lunch Actually group, Asia’s first and largest lunch dating company. They have 13 years success and over 1.4 million users. The group has expanded to the world of online dating to solve the many problems it has been plagued with for years.



A common issue and recurring theme among most online dating is the lack of identification verification. Some have faced showing up on a date only to meet someone completely different than the person displayed in a profile picture. Viola seeks to solve this issue with decentralized Artificial Intelligence (A.I) engine. When a person wants to set up a dating profile on Viola they must go through a facial recognition with the photo that is uploaded. In addition, your photo must be matched and is cross-checked with social profiles to prove authenticity.

That isn’t all that Viola A.I seeks to accomplish, as there is a ‘love advisor‘ feature. Once a person is uploaded into the system the program informs them when someone wants to meet them. If confirmed on both ends, Viola A.I. checks both of the user’s calendars and can schedule a date for them based on a restaurant they both enjoy. The day before, the A.I software informs both parties of the dates time and place.

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The application also has a community aspect in which users can ask questions to other users to get advice. Let’s say a person wanted to propose, they could ask the community and venues for their advice/input. In addition to the community marketplace, Viola.AI has an additional marketplace where it’s reminded of certain big dates like anniversaries and when prompted the A.I can offer various options for gifts. Within the app, you can choose the specific gift and it’s ordered immediately. Viola.Ai is essentially your own personal love assistant.

All of these specific services on the app are centered around the ERC-20 Viola token. Its public ICO sale is set to launch on March 14th. The Viola token will have a token supply of 250 million with a hard cap of $12.5 million USD. 1 Viola = $0.20 USD.

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