The Cryptocurrencies That Got here Earlier than Bitcoin

by Cryptospacey

When anybody hears the phrase ‘cryptocurrency’, Bitcoin might be the subsequent factor that involves thoughts. However why? Bitcoin is the biggest and hottest cryptocurrency. Some crypto fanatics colloquially referred to it because the grandmaster of digital foreign money. Bitcoin began out remotely in 2008 after being created by the nameless Satoshi Nakamoto with the area title, however the first line of code was not written until January 2009. On Could 22, 2010, Bitcoin recorded its first industrial transaction when Laszlo Hanceyecz bought two pizzas for 10,000 bitcoins. Though Bitcoin has been round for about 13 years, there are cryptocurrencies that existed as much as a long time earlier than its inception, which you’ve in all probability by no means heard of; let’s check out a few of them.



This was an nameless cost system proposed in 1981 by an American cryptographer, David Chaum, which later went on to be a broadcast article. Later in 1989, he created a totally practical digital foreign money based mostly on the protocol he had earlier printed, which he dubbed ‘DigiCash’.

This digital foreign money made public the concept of ‘blind signatures’, an idea that conceals the content material of a message utilizing a mix of each non-public and public passwords to verify a transaction and likewise permits the modification of knowledge transferred between people with out traceability. Although DigiCash later went into chapter 11 in 1998, the idea remains to be in use in the present day within the type of public keys.


Wei Dai, a developer, additionally made an entry into the crypto area with an article explaining the proposed nameless digital cost system of B-Cash, 10 years after DigiCash made its manner into the market. B-Cash was based mostly on the mannequin of a decentralized community the place members would work and get contracts executed routinely. Though an inferior mannequin to blockchain know-how, it nonetheless had a serious function to play sooner or later crypto market. It’s attention-grabbing to notice that this venture was by no means carried out.


It’s a extensively accepted perception amongst crypto fanatics that HashCash instantly preceded Bitcoin. This foreign money was created by one other cryptographer, Adam Beck in 1997. The proof-of-work protocol was used for the affirmation of transactions and likewise to scale back the speed of rip-off transactions. Regardless of the protocol in place, HashCash got here crashing down attributable to lack of scalability ensuing from community overload.



This foreign money, began within the late Nineteen Nineties, shouldn’t be mistaken for the present-day gold-based coin with an analogous title, BitcoinGold. It was created by cryptologist Nick Szabo, who initially devised the now fashionable proof-of-work protocol. This protocol is at present getting used extensively by a number of fashionable cryptocurrencies, together with the almighty bitcoin. The concept behind BitGold was to construct a decentralized system able to transaction affirmation with out third celebration interference. BitGold later failed, however not with out offering inspiration for a number of different cryptocurrencies after it.

Certainly, the digital foreign money world has seen attention-grabbing occasions earlier than the inception of bitcoin. Which of those currencies have you ever heard about prior to now?


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