Ethereum 2.0 Testnet Live on smartphones!

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By&nbspRajat Gaur

There are a lot of improvements that are rolling out on a daily basis in the real-time blockchain space, but the thing is the adaptability of such things is really hard to figure out. The real-time management of these type of data are very hard to find and with an improved processing environment in the smartphone industry, it is almost near to easy to get blockchain up and running. 

New ways of backing the technology up:

The recent trends in the companies are to bring the network itself to the smartphone rather than representing it as a decentralized application. The biggest ordeal that the developers would have to crack is how smartly they could integrate the blockchain surface that big into a comparatively small interface. But with great improvements, the developers have cracked the code and Ethereum is one among the first to implement it successfully. 

With the recent announcement from the Blockchain technology company, Ethereum 2.0 clients would be able to run Ethereum 2.0 testnet in the comfort of the smartphone. There was a lot of research that went behind the development of the smartphone version and the majority as to how they could run an application so vague to a precise boundary controlled environment.

There are a lot of developments that went into the making of the testnet smartphone version which the company kept under the covers for a very long time. 

The Ethereum 2.0 is still afresh in the smartphone industry and is running the most gruesome test it can ever go through, the smartphone application market. 

The version can be downloaded into your Android device by majorly downloading the Linux sandbox for android and to patch up the security to a level ahead, you can download the Ethereum version 1.0 as well.

Still under the development table:

The amount of security in the 2.0 version is still under trial to make sure that the company will cover all possible loopholes that the software might be handling currently. The Ethereum Testnet version 2.0 had a very big question on its release that goes like this when you can run such a powerful system with Ethereum 2.0, why rely on the smartphone when you want to do the same thing?

The answer to that would be Ethereum is stepping into the broads. They want to diversify as large as possible to ensure that they increase the number of users on their database and also make sure that they conduct safe transactions as well using the wallet applications the Ehtereum 2.0 testnet has to offer. 

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